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Hey, guys!  

Many of you might remember that last year, I was a finalist for a talent competition called LeakyStars, for the Harry Potter convention, LeakyCon. It was an amazing experience, and even though i didn’t win, I loved every second of it. This year, I decided to submit a video again, just for fun, not thinking I’d get another chance. Well, I HAVE. I am a top 12 Semi-Finalist and I need YOUR help! Vote for my video, The Chosen One, on their site. The top six get to perform on the mainstage at LeakyCon. VOTE NOW PLEASE I LOVE YOU ALL 

Click to vote for The Chosen One!

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Anonymous asked: This site seems to be forcused on the horrible quality of Twilight (and I will admit that there are many, many things that are wrong with it) and that Harry Potter is better, but why not add the other million books that are amazing? Why focus soly on Harry Potter? It seems more like a single based hatred then promoting anything more then your love of Harry. Here are some amazing reads: Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr(sp?) are a good series. How about the Pendragon series, or even Charlie Bone. And why just forcus on Twilight? Why not make fun of the other horrible novels that have followed after? Like Vampire Acadamy or House of Night which is dominating and polluting the reading pool and infecting the young minds. Instead of constantly reviewing the same hatred for Twilight, maybe you should try showing hatred for all things similar to Twilight.

I'm not trying to diss your site, or be rude. There are some good points. Edward cannot have an erection, or have children. His sperm would be dead. Indian culture is, once more, hollywoodized by producing "werewolves" from an Indiana culture that lives away from the towns people on a reservation. Though, in truth, the only prop you can really give SMeyer is this: She did pick a depressing scene with an emo character where there is little light so the vampires could hide themselves? I mean, great thinking....right?

I do mention other books that are better than Twilight (I mean, there are a lot), but there are a lot more graphics and articles that compare Harry Potter and Twilight, and a lot of my followers are Harry Potter fans.

The series you’ve mentioned are good books as well and are better than Twilight.

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ashbashdash asked: It kind of sucks how Forks, Washington has changed into Twilight Central.

I know, I feel bad for the antis that live there.